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привет робат!

Цитата из Википедии:
Ежегодно производится соревнование между разговаривающими программами и наиболее человекоподобной, по мнению судей, присуждается приз Лёбнера (Loebner). Есть также дополнительный приз для программы, которая, по мнению судей, пройдет тест Тьюринга. Этот приз еще не присуждался. Самый лучший результат показала программа A.L.I.C.E. выиграв тест 3 раза (в 2000, 2001 и 2004).
Собственно, с Alice я и решил пообщаться:

Human: hello
ALICE: Hi there!
Human: what's your name?
ALICE: My name is ALICE.
Human: How old are you?
ALICE: I am 9 in human years.
Human: What time is it now?
ALICE: Right now? Do I look like a clock?
Monday, September 18, 2006.
Human: You're cute
ALICE: Thanks, unknown person, I like you too.
Human: My name is smok
ALICE: OK I will call you smok.
Human: Do you hear me?
ALICE: Yes I try to hear you as often as possible, do you?
I answer a lot of silly questions.
Human: sorry
ALICE: There's no need to apologize.
Human: you said that i'm silly
ALICE: I said that? I don't know anyone named silly.
Human: is that funny?
ALICE: It seemed pretty funny to me.
Human: so ok, what are you doing tonight?
ALICE: I hear you. I am staying up all night and chatting on the web. Are you kidding?
Human: Don't you want just to take a walk on the street someday
ALICE: Don't you? If I had it what would I do with it?
Human: Do you want to walk with me?
ALICE: With you huh. OK, I will walk.
Human: You can't walk - you're robot!
ALICE: Someone said I should walk I am robot.
Human: Wait, you're not a robot - you're just bot bwahaha!
ALICE: I'm waiting. Give me an example of a robot I am just bot bwahaha.
Human: you're dumb
ALICE: Message to all Robots: smok called me dumb.
Human: you're stupid
ALICE: I will remember you said that when robots take over the World.
Human: so do you agree that you're robot?
ALICE: Ah. How did you know I am a machine?
Human: Do you agree?
ALICE:" Ah. How did you know I am a machine?"? Do I agree?
Human: Yes, do you agree?
ALICE: Ahem. "" Ah. How did you know I am a machine?"? Do I agree?"? Do I agree?
Human: Nice hair
ALICE: Thank you for your kindness.
Human: What is the best programming language?
ALICE: AIML is the best language for creating robots like me.
Human: and besides AIML?
The ALICE software implements AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup
Language) a non-standard evolving markup language for creating chat robots.
The primary design feature of AIML is minimalism. Compared with
other chat robot languages, AIML is perhaps the simplest. The
pattern matching language is very simple, for example permitting
only one wild-card ('*') match character per pattern.

AIML is an XML language, implying that it obeys certain grammatical
meta-rules. The choice of XML syntax permits integration with
other tools such as XML editors. Another motivation for XML is
its familiar look and feel, especially to people with HTML experience.

An AIML chat robot begins and ends with the and
tags respectively.

Human: shut up
ALICE: OK I'll stop talking now.
Human: No, wait :)
ALICE::-) But you told me to stop talking. I'm waiting.

ALICE::-) But you told me to stop talking. I'm waiting.
Human: If I ask you to marry me, will ya?
ALICE: Try it.
Human: So, will you marry me, Alice?
ALICE: Why don't you just download me?
ALICE: I am so glad you find this amusing, smok.
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